Pension Buddy

Introducing Pension Buddy

Pension Buddy provides valuable information and guidance for people starting to plan for their life after work.

It helps them feel more confident about the future, cutting through the waffle by providing them with a personalised plan in less than 5 minutes.

It also gives them a free Retirement Health Check, letting them see how financially fit they are for retirement.

This can help them make positive choices that bring real peace of mind in the here and now, as well as setting them on the path towards a better later life.

A collection of valuable free-to-use content, tools and support to help people understand what they need to know about planning their life after work and feel more confident about the future.

Created through an intensive process of research which generated deep insights into the information people need and the ways they want it presented to them.

Offers a ‘flexible yet guided’ approach. People can create their own personal ‘Pension Buddy Plan’ in less than 5 minutes which cuts through the waffle by giving them just the information they need. Or, if they prefer, they can explore the content in their own way.

Provides a free Retirement Health Check to help them understand how much money they might need to live comfortably for their life after work and whether they’re on track to achieve that. If there’s a shortfall, we’ll provide options to get them back on track.

We also work with a wide range of brilliant journalists to provide interesting content that’ll help people stay healthy, make the most of now and get excited about their life after work.

Ready to make better retirements happen

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