Members' helpdesk

Introducing our members' helpdesk

If you're a pension scheme trustee or third-party administrator, you may have a number of members approaching retirement who need help understanding their options. Our helpdesk will help answer your members’ questions, provide factual information and – where appropriate – direct them to the right service.

We’ll work with you to develop a phone-based helpdesk service to meet the needs of your scheme. This includes which of our services will be made available to your members.

How the Service Works

  • The members’ helpdesk will provide information to members who are unsure about the options open to them, or which option is most appropriate for them. This information will be based on the benefits available to your members and the services available to them.
  • Our experienced team will listen to the members’ needs, and then help them in the most appropriate way. This may be just to resolve a query, provide factual information or help them navigate their options.
  • If the member is ready to make a decision on which option to take, we'll help them get to the right place so they can proceed. We may refer them back to their scheme to administer their chosen option, to one of our services, or to the scheme’s other preferred advisers (where applicable).
  • After talking to one of our team, members may choose to defer their decision until a more suitable time. Where this happens, they’re welcome to contact the helpdesk at a later date.

Benefits to you

  • Peace of mind that your members are receiving expert information from retirement specialists to help them understand their options and make informed decisions.
  • A service that’s quick to deploy and can be integrated with your existing processes.

Benefits to the member

  • Expert guidance from a team of retirement specialists that’s based on the benefits available through the member’s scheme and the services available to them.
  • Help getting to the right place if they’re ready to make a decision on what to do with their pension savings.
  • The option to get in touch with us again at a later date if they choose to defer their decision.

The members' helpdesk service is provided by HUB Financial Solutions.