Our approach

We understand that every business is unique, so we work closely with our partners to get a detailed understanding of their challenges and objectives. We then set about building a solution to meet these requirements.

Drawing on our Group's resources

Our team of experienced consultants have acquired significant expertise in later life markets, specialising in proposition construction. We have first-class digital capabilities, with a team of designers, developers and testers on hand to develop innovative fintech solutions. We also have in-house regulated advised and non-advised distribution capabilities that can be deployed as part of any solution.

Using a flexible approach

We can configure our solutions to meet the precise needs of our partners’ organisations and customers.

  • We provide single or multi-channel solutions
  • We offer complete fulfilment packages, or fintech deployments to support our partners’ teams in serving customers in-house.
  • Our solutions can be white-labelled, co-branded or HUB Financial Solutions branded.
  • Our solutions can be integrated with – or complementary to – partners’ existing processes and systems.

Engagement, education and regulated advice

Where appropriate, our solutions include communications support to help engage and educate.

  • We can offer marketing consultancy to help you find the right ways to reach your audiences.
  • We can also provide educational content and guidance services to help give people a better understanding of the different options available to them at their stage in the retirement journey, and the pros and cons of each.
  • We have pioneering automated advice solutions that provide personal recommendations for people who want regulated personal financial advice.

Delivering the best possible experience

We pride ourselves on being great to work with. We always aim to give our partners the best possible experience, and never forget we’re helping people make really important retirement decisions.

    • Our websites and other customer materials are clearly laid out and written in 'plain English'
    • The people who deliver our services are highly knowledgeable and fully qualified in their areas of specialism.
    • We provide all our customer-facing colleagues with comprehensive ‘soft skills’ training, including how to identify and support vulnerable customers.